How do you get Leena in Chrono Cross?

Get Leena.

  1. Flip down Child’s invitation to hitch the celebration at Cape Howl within the One other World, and Leena will be part of your celebration the subsequent morning together with Poshul.
  2. Leena makes use of kitchen utensils as her weapon.
  3. She has excessive magic energy and already possesses two techs, however she additionally has low HP and bodily protection.

in truth, How do you defeat the Black Dragon in Chrono Cross?

If the dragon is approached in One other World’s Marbule, the dragon is sleeping. Go as much as it and press X and the participant will merely get hold of the Black Relic. To struggle him, the Dragon should first be woken up by cleaning Dwelling World’s Marbule as a part of a prolonged sequence involving the Magical Dreamers.

as an illustration, How does Chrono Cross finish?

Ending 2: Chrono Cross

An excellent gentle engulfs each Schala and the Time Devourer because the melody of the Chrono Cross echoes all through the Darkness on the Finish of Time. Schala is lastly free of the beast as the sunshine from Unification of Dimensions kills it as soon as and for all.

certainly Who’re the most effective characters in Chrono Cross?
Whether or not due to their distinctive stats or their distinctive strategies, these characters are probably the most helpful discovered all through Chrono Cross’ world.

  1. 1 Serge. Serge is an all-rounder and may study each double and triple techs.
  2. 2 Glenn. …
  3. Three Harle. …
  4. Four Riddel. …
  5. 5 Karsh. …
  6. 6 Guile. …
  7. 7 Leena. …
  8. eight Pip. …

What’s new game plus Chrono Cross?

New Recreation Plus (additionally written New Recreation +) is a recurring characteristic of the Chrono collection: when the game is accomplished chances are you’ll play by means of once more preserving all the things you had from the primary playthrough. With the New Recreation + characteristic, one is ready to preserve all of their objects, their standing, and so on.

The place is the Inexperienced Dragon in Chrono Cross?

The Inexperienced Dragon resides in Gaea’s Navel, and to get there you should first head to the Hydra Marshes in both world. There, make your manner up the stalks to the place the save level is. In case you are in One other, you’ll see a Beeba being picked on by some Goblins.

What number of endings does Chrono Cross have?

This game has 12 endings in all — two of which might be unlocked throughout your first playthrough, whereas the remaining 10 are solely accessible in New Recreation + or Proceed +.

What number of endings does Chrono Set off have?

Is there any sequence to see the entire 13 endings? – Chrono Set off Q&A for DS – GameFAQs.

Is Lynx The daddy of Serge?

Lynx (ヤマネコ, Yamaneko?) is the principle antagonist of Chrono Cross and one of many main antagonists of Radical Dreamers: Nusumenai Hōseki. He was Serge’s organic father Wazuki till he was corrupted by the FATE supercomputer.

Who can steal in Chrono Cross?

Pilfer is a tech utilized in Chrono Cross. Child learns to thieve objects from opponents in battle after receiving Three boss stars. When solid, a bathe of crimson sparks envelops her and she or he prices on the desired enemy.

Consumer Child
Description Try and steal your opponent’s treasure

Is Schala a child?

1. Child and Schala are unbiased individuals, the previous being created by means of distinctive circumstances. 2. Schala and Child appear to each be current on the Darkness Past Time when the Chrono Cross is used.

How do you evolve PIP Chrono Cross?

Pip has the distinctive potential to « evolve » all through the course of the game relying on which Parts are utilized by him and on him. Black, Purple, or Yellow evolves him right into a miniature satan; White, Inexperienced, or Blue will flip him right into a miniature angel.

What’s the greatest ending in Chrono Set off?

1 Ending 9: The Oath

The most effective ending by far needs to be the one the game’s creator argued is probably the most canon. The heroes have defeated Lavos and are having fun with a quiet day at Lucca’s whereas he works on Robo.

What number of endings are there in Chrono Set off?

Chrono Set off is one thing of a miracle. On high of all the things else it does with close to perfection, it finds the time to ship drama, growth, and jokes by way of greater than 12 endings that take hours to hunt out.

How do you get new game plus in Chrono Set off?

Different Solutions

  1. CVagts is true. You have to load up the game once more for New Recreation+ to work. …
  2. It’s a must to beat the game throughout, with the sidequests accomplished. After defeating the ultimate boss and getting the primary ending, throughout to THE END display, NG+ can be accessible whenever you reset the game.

The place do you entice summons in Chrono Cross?

The traps might be bought from a store in one other world Marbule; accessible solely after getting your boat again. These enemies solid the summons when the sector impact purely matches the innate colour of the summon.

How do you entice components in Chrono Cross?

Entice Parts are indicated by a downward arrow (↓) adjoining to the identify of the Component which they entice. To Entice an Component, the Entice should be positioned previous to the foe casting it. When the foe casts the Component in query, it is going to be captured by the celebration to be used in future battles.

How do you employ Chrono Cross on time devourer?

The Time Devourer is a significant antagonist in Chrono Cross, and the ultimate boss of the game. The Time Devourer might be challenged by utilizing the Time Egg on the purple teleport spot in Opassa Seaside, which is able to take the celebration to the Darkness At The Finish Of Time.

What’s the canon ending of Chrono Set off?

There’s no « canon » ending. We all know Magus is alive post-Chrono Set off, however we have now no data on whether or not the Epoch was destroyed and whether or not Lara was saved or not, regardless that each are talked about in Chrono Cross.

Who married Chrono?

Age 16
Weapon Kind Crossbow
Magical Component Ice
Household Royal household of Guardia Crono (Husband) King Guardia XXXIII (father) Queen Aliza (mom) Crono’s Mom (mom in-law) Doan (descendant) Ayla (ancestor) Kino (ancestor)

Is Chrono lifeless in Chrono Cross?

Sure – Robo completely dies in Chrono Cross however he’s in all probability protected and sound with Atropos after Chrono Cross concludes and the size are unified to kind the Perfect Timeline. Lucca figures extra closely into the occasions of Chrono Cross than any of her friends.

Which is the most effective Chrono Set off ending?

Chrono Set off’s 10 Finest Endings (& How To Get Them)

  • Three Ending 3: The Dream Challenge.
  • Four Ending 4: The Successor Of Guardia. …
  • 5 Ending 10: Dino Age. …
  • 6 Ending 11: What The Prophet Seeks. …
  • 7 Ending 6: The Legendary Hero. …
  • eight Ending 7: The Unknown Previous. …
  • 9 Ending 1: Past Time. …
  • 10 Ending 2: Reunion. …

Did Serge and Child marry?

An image exist on Schala’s desk of Child and Serge married. 6. In varied endings, Child nonetheless appears to exist as a singular entity, showing on the dock in « Normal Child » and « The True Hero. »

Is Serge a chrono?

Serge (セルジュ, « Seruju »?) is the principle protagonist of Chrono Cross. Like Crono, Serge is a silent most important protagonist.

Is Serge a French identify?

The identify Serge is a boy’s identify of French, Russian origin which means « servant ». Previous saints’ and popes’ identify that went to France within the 1920s with the Russian Ballets Russes; in its Russian kind, Sergei, it retains an inventive, virtually effete air.

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